Thursday, March 27, 2014

auntie k

this one goes out to my main, my go to girl and best friend since day one. auntie kala. if you've met her you know she's beautiful, but if you have spent time with her you know she is the definition of that word. beautiful in every way possible
see what I'm sayin
i guess i've always known this, but being away from her (living in utah) for the first time made me realize how great she really is and how not great i am when i can't see her face everyday

i may be taller, and 8 months older, but she's definitely the example to me. it sounds cliché, but i don't think i've ever met a more christlike person. and i'm crazy lucky enough to not only have her as a best friend but as family too. she's the greatest and thats that 

ps. i leave on my mission in t-55, and she leaves soon after. and we won't see each other for two years...and thats just really hard for me to think about. i already miss my favorite human

and here is just a glimpse of our wonderful relationship

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