Tuesday, February 18, 2014

19 years young

this time last year i was just a senior in high school, all i had to worry about was what i was doing the next weekend or what kind of drink i was getting at circle k. now all my worries include talking in an australian accent everywhere i go and how I'm going to get back to az for all my best friends' weddings. life is very happy/sad. sad because people come and go so fast, time never stops and we can't travel every weekend. happy because the best people live in king henry 309, waffle love is in provo, and the sun is still shining.
i think birthdays always have this weird effect on us, making us look back and get emosh, wondering about things and thinking extra hard. i mean one year older and wiser too, we have to use it right. well this birthday was by far my best one. i didn't get to spend it with my parents and siblings but i still spent it with my family! I've gotten so close to all my friends up here in utah that it is easy to call them family. my roommates, jordan and paige, are like the two older sisters i never had and i love them so much! I've never met more caring and hilarious people in my life, they made my birthday. end of story
we take a lot of pictures around here, this is just a few of my favorite moments from february 16, 2014

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