Monday, July 13, 2015

happy america day!! 7.5.15

Dear Family,

Man the weeks are flying by so fast, I wish time would slow down! I had a bit of a mid-mission crisis this week. I pulled out old planners and realized I have nearly 500 of them (10) which means I only have a few left. Its definitely something that has helped me reflect though. It is so cool to go back 1 year and see how far I've come and how much I've changed. The atonement must be real because man those weren't just big steps those were leaps and flights I took to get to where I am now. Only possible though Christ!

I feel like I take a trip around the world every day here in Dande...its a melting pot here. We meet people from all over the continents weekly! Monday we got to have food from all the continents...we had Aussie pumpkin soup, Chinese duck pancake rolls. Spanish rice and sausages and Samoan koko. And we got to meet a random and have a lesson w/ him in the 8ยบ C weather. Gr8 night Monday was.

We started teaching a less active family recently. Mum is from Cook island and dad is Maori (?). They have 2 young kids and want to come back to church! We have really good lessons w/ them and go back every week for tea so I'll keep you updated! Hopefully to temple as main goal. We love them.

We got to go on exchanges w/ the lovely Footscray sisters. I went w/ Sis Brodie - we came back to Dande and Sis Salyer was sick so we only got to go out a bit, but it was a good day. Exchanges are my favorite! I get to learn from other missionaries and have a different type of day than usual. I love Sis Brodie! I had so much fun w/ her- we are a lot alike which made it like being w/ an old friend. Exactly the day I needed!

Sorry 90% of what I talk about is food but we have some good food. We got 8bit. It was American burgers! They were better than In-n-Out! 

Then the 4th of July. It was raining just like last year! (still can't believe I can say "just like last year") but we went to lunch at TGIFridays with Sis Gibby/ Sis Palre. Me and Gibby got a tower of fajitas!

Sunday was great. We met this awesome guy who is homeless...but he came to church and felt the spirit so much and cried and left reading the BofM. Hopefully we can help him enter the waters of baptism soon!

We also got to go to the Jurkovic family for tea...Katie their daughter is one of my mini missionaries. They are great! Also great food. We had a mini testimony meeting with them! The spirit always punches when you bear testimony. Mine grew last night. I know the BofM is true!!

Love you all-
Happy America Day!!

Sister Hatch
Donutella w/ Jhinny & Pho

I'm turning Asian

Guinea pig

My mini missionary Katie
Happy America Day!!
Sister Hatch

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