Wednesday, May 28, 2014

first week!


HI MOM! and family and whoever,
First week at the MTC down! It went by really fast. One of my missionary friends said the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. and honestly its the truest thing I've heard, like aside from the gospel and stuff. We wake up at the bum crack of dawn, 6:30 every morning and don't stop until 9:30 so its pretty draining but in a good way I guess! I got here and met my companion and district! My companions name is Sister Saysha Ariel Bennett from Mapelton or Spanish Fork! Look her up on FB. We get along so well and I just love her. My district is so fun and we all get along like we've known eachother for years it'll be so hard to leave them. We're leaving on Monday!! There is only me and Sister Bennett who are going to Australia in our district, Elder Harpers visa didn't come so he's getting reassigned.
So one of the Elders in my district is from Syracuse Utah and is friends with Ethan Corrozza and Addison Everett you have to tell them I know elder Koa Mo'o from Syracuse! He's way cool and all the rest of the people in my district are too we've gotten so close.
So I saw Heather on the first day! (Our neighbor Heather Farr) It was so crazy. She said she sent a picture but it was cool and I see Elder Bradley JT every day! Its funny he is in with all the Polynesians and he fits right in, haha. He seems to be having a good time with them.
Alright so cool story. My branch presidency is just so cool and strong. and they are so great. So last night Elder Russell M Nelson came and spoke to us! It was so cool like having an apostle come and talk to us? It was saweeet. So on the second night we met our branch president and his councelors. one of them is named Brother May and he is super powerful and so is his wife. They told us personally one by one all these amazing things and I wish I could share all of them but there is just no time! So they say that God prepares all the people who we teach before we ever meet them and it is so true. They said that we should never feel alone, this was the second day so we were all a little homesick and sad but they said we are never alone because we don't only have Christ to turn to but we also have angels that protect us and watch over and prepare us. They stress family history work a lot and its so cool what they said next. They said that our ancestors are with us and that they protect us, and not only our ancestors but the ancestors of the people we are going to teach. They say that these spirits want so bad for their family on earth to find the church and be able to do temple work for them that they help the missionaries to find their family members and teach them. It was the coolest thing and the spirit was unreal. I honestly felt like grandma Church was sitting there with me when they said that and it made me feel more hopeful to know that the people are being prepared and that we are getting all the help in the world with this work. It is just amazing. We've had more than one experience like that. It's insane the spirit that is here I just love it!
Love Sister Chelsea Hatch

One of Chelseas good friends JT Bradley
Sister Chelsea Hatch & Sister Saysha Bennett
Our classroom
Sunday Walk to the temple
Finally got my name tag

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