Wednesday, January 22, 2014

24 hour vegas trip

bits and pieces of our trip to las vegas all the way from beginning to end
sunday 9:20pm - monday 9:30pm

we wanted to go to vegas two nights before, because of the extra day off (MLK) but it didn't happen. we regretted it so this time we made our decision and stuck to it…and let me tell ya it was a good decision. here are some of the things that happened during this wild 24 hours! 
starting sunday night 9:30
*me and ashley while getting ready to leave*is this a good idea? Is this a bad idea? Should we be doing this? Ya were 18 we can do stuff like this. Ugh my parents are going to kill me. It's going to be crazy. Wait we can't post pictures about this our moms will know. Is this slutty enough? hahaha. I don't have Vegas clothes! Whatever we're leaving. 
8:59 ashley: "why is there asparagus on the floor"
9:30 *pass Vegas sign on freeway* WERE GOING TO VEGAS!!!!!
9:37 trying to figure out the hotel were staying at 
9:38 *las Vegas 368 mi* 😏
9:48 348 mi to LAS VEGAS 
9:49 turning on movie in car on kindle "What Happens in Vegas" HAHAHAHA SO IRONIC 
9:58 VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!
10:11 what the freak is this?! Is this fog?! What were in utah?? That hit like a ton of bricks! WHAT THE HECK ITS GOING ON. THIS IS SO CRAZY!! Vegas baby! 
10:18 "I'm goin to buy you a big box of tampax because that's what good husbands do!"
11:29 movie finished, still pumped, listening to "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5
WERE GREAT SINGERS and we just want sour candy 
12:03 just stopped and got sour candy... 47 miles to st geezy then VEGAS!!! Holla Holla 
12:05 sent dani a picture of where we are and she is trippin SO HARD LOLOL
12:20 147 mi to Vegas!!! Listening to Frozen soundtrack they judging me but it's whatevs lolol LET IT GOOOO
12:23 pulling in to st geezy! Lol Patton is like getting us in a wreck trying to take a picture of the st George sign he's tried like 5 times lolol
1:05 am 87 mi to Vegas!!! Moves like jagger hahhaha 
1:09 an winner winner chicken dinner watching "21" now. Another Vegas movie loolololol
1:11am welcome to Nevada! Hello to a million casinos Vegas here we come 
1:59am 15 minutes to Vegas!!! WE CAN SEE THE STRIP HOLLLAAAA
2:05 Rollin up to the outskirts of Vegas Patton quote "everyone in provo is goin to bed and we're just gettin started!!" OMG SO EXCITED DYING 
11:46 am next day 
We didn't sleep until 6:30 and the strip smelled like straight SHT but it was fun. WE JUST SAW A GUY WITH HANDS ATTATCHED TO HIS SHOULDERS WTF 
1:07 pm just watched the water show at bellagio and then met Australian people on their honeymoon!! They talked to me about Australia and said I would love it and they were really excited, if the people are like that all over Australia I know I'm going to LOVE it! Holla stralia
8:32 pm 35 mi to provo! Me and ash are about to pee our pants patton won't let us go 😭
8:40 dyin bc this note about our trip is so funny like why are we so funny 
Random memories from 1:30am-6:30am(on the strip) 
there was a guy standing in the middle of the main road and we almost hit him 
patton gave us money to gamble, i ended up with 9 cents and 6 cents from $20 but it's fine 
the drunk Asian lady was hilarious playing Craps lololo she offered me a drink I shoulda done it .. Virgin 
wow, we got home exactly the same time as we left last night, almost to the minute. 24 hour vegas trip= success
9:30pm monday night

Vegas Chelsea

first time playing slots, maybe i shouldn't do that anymore

dapper fellow

i'm a "put your feet up wherever you are" kinda girl, comfort first 

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